A la Carte Pricing:

Please remember that the prices below are estimates only. A personalized estimate/quote will be provided upon discussing in more detail the professional background experience of the client. Each resume takes its own amount of time to be completed, possesses its own complexities, and needs time for research. An excellent crafted resume deserves the best research and time in order to meet the best results for the client’s needs.

All documents are created within Microsoft Word, a Microsoft Word Processing Application. As a courtesy to all clients, we also provide you with an additional copy of your document in Acrobat PDF. This is of no charge to you. This is included in your price.

*ALL ENGAGING RESUMES are created with NEW Modern Templates from scratch and come with matching template set for your Cover Letter, Professional References Document, and Salary History List.* This is of no charge to you. This is included in your price. 

Basic Resume Update (on client’s existing template)*$10 – $30
Entry-Level Resume (e.g. Recent College Graduate)$85 – $159
Professional/Mid-Management Resume (e.g. H.R. Manager, Manager of Finance, Sales Manager) $169 – $210
Executive Level Management (e.g. CEO, CFO, COO)$210 – $260
Cover Letter with matching modern template$59
Post Interview Letter (Thank You Note)$55
Reference Document Letter with matching modern template$20
Follow Up Letter to a Submitted Resume$59
Job Offer Acceptance Letter$25
Job Offer Decline Letter$25
Salary History List with matching modern template$20
Professional LinkedIn Profile Optimization & Setup$75
Professional LinkedIn Profile Optimization Update$55
Translation services in both English and Spanish languagesPlease e-mail for a quote
One-on-One tip and coaching session$25 for 1 hour